Our cart Sicily

Let us introduce you to our beloved authentic Italian gelato cart, Sicily. Handmade especially for us by several amazing craftsmen in Sicily, Italy, so we named her after her heritage. She is a revamped version of the vintage gelato carts that were pushed around the old streets of Italy! We've bought her on a long journey by sea to Auckland, so that we can help others experience a piece of beautiful Italy at home.

Apart from looking absolutely beautiful, the most amazing feature of this cart is in the Italian 'pozzetti' gelato cases, or 'wells', with each well covered and protected by a beautiful silver cone lid. This feature is uniquely Italian, and Sicily is the only one of her kind here in New Zealand! Storing gelato in 'pozzetti' cases is the most traditional way of storing and preserving gelato in Italy. This means that our gelato is covered and stored at an optimal temperature at all times, away from light and air which could destroy the quality and taste of gelato. This feature of our cart keeps all our gelato fresh and smooth - ensuring optimal taste and texture for you to enjoy.

We take our gelato seriously!