It all began after a journey through Italy

Welcome to Mister Gelato. We're Ray and Queenie, the founders of Mister Gelato and we're so excited to share with you our love for gelato.


We're a regular Kiwi couple from Auckland that have always dreamt of starting our own business. To create something meaningful to us and something which we would love doing everyday - however, we were never quite sure what that would be.   


It all began with one simple idea. On our second honeymoon to Europe (because one wasn't enough!) we found ourselves endlessly fascinated by the magical country of Italy - personified by hot summer days, deep blue skies, romantic canal rides.... and of course, the birthplace of gelato.


An enthusiasm for it soon turned into an obsession, with both of us determined to find out exactly why Italian gelato tastes so delicious. We thought to ourselves, why not start a gelato business? Something so simple, yet, it can bring so much joy to people. We realised this was the business for us.

We needed to know the secret behind italian gelato - so after our return back home, Ray connected with two Italian gelato chefs from Bologna, Italy. They then became Ray's Gelato Masters, teaching him all the ropes of crafting gelato the traditional italian way - no shortcuts or tricks. From there, Ray's journey of becoming the best gelato chef began and Mister Gelato was born.   


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